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Inside Agate Mood

We are a Philadelphia based company promoting the idea of living an intentional life and inward healing. All the information we share is based solely off the experiences of our own journey. 



 Meaning behind the brand


   When you wear this brand, I want you to think of a time in your life when you couldn’t make a decision between what you wanted and what people wanted you to do.  

My name is Britt "Jaine the Curious" Lovette, and welcome to my version of TED talk.


  Be Intentional was an epiphany I had based on life decisions. For the longest, I was unhappy with the choices I made and where I was going. I have had my battles and I’m not afraid to wear my scars intentionally.  

   What does Be intentional mean? The Be Intentional apparel  was created through the idea of promoting positive and intentional living.  That’s the message I am trying to relay.


   When you buy my hoodies, I want it to be a personal purchase. Take a moment and write down what you have chosen to be more intentional about and share it with us by clicking on the link below! Happy shopping! 

Are you on IG? I want to hear from you! Tag me @whatsyourstory.444 on Instagram and tell me what Being Intentional means to you. Welcome to the soul tribe! 

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